Saturday 10th February

Manchester Reed Trio


Saturday 17th February

Fish from Oblivion


Saturday 24th February

Tim Sagar (organ)


Saturday 10th March

‘Illuminate Stafford - shining a light on the work of women composers and performers’


Saturday 24th March

Chris Gumbley (piano)


Saturday 14th April

Sarah Rowley (soprano) & Tim Sagar (piano)


Saturday  28th April

 Linden Innes-Hopkins (organ)


Saturday 5th May

Ruta Labutyte (violin) Guy Murgatroyd (piano)




Saturday  26th May



Saturday 9th June

St Mary's Children's Choir & Music Group


Saturday 23rd June

Jim Milgate-Scarrott & Wendy Rowley (flutes) John Savage (piano)


Saturday 14th July

Jenny Jones (violin) and John Savage (piano)


Saturday 28th July

Margaret Outen (organ)


Saturday  11th August

William Smallman (organ)



Saturday 18th August

Chris Bown (mezzo-soprano)


Saturday 8th September

Olly Lees and Elms Friends


Saturday 29th September

The Crooked Bawbees


Saturday 13th October

Fumi Otsuki (violin)


Saturday 20th October

John Savage (flute) Dellal McDonald (piano)


Saturday 27th October

Organ Lollipops with

Margaret Outen, Tim Sagar, Richard Grigson


Saturday10th November

Music to commemorate World War I


Saturday 12th November